Friday, August 31, 2012

High Five for Friday!


1. A desperately needed car wash on a sunny day
2. I finally gave in and purchased some new clothing for fall: a perfect hounds tooth pencil skirt
3. Wine with mom (out of Coug glasses, of course!)
5. Incredible architecture downtown, I wish building were still build with such care

Have a fantastic THREE DAY weekend! 

- C

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Currently Crushing: Dots!

Please accept my sincerest apologies, I have been slacking lately! The real story is Brady and I are remodeling! Ahhh! Instead of being snuggled up with Snickers and a glass of wine writing blog posts, I have been doing things like painting ceilings and installing new flooring. My life is so glamorous. I promise to be a better blogger when we wrap up the remodel!

Back to the business at hand, it is Currently Crushing Thursday!
Current Crush Thursdays
I believe that the polka dot pattern is something that will never, ever go out of style. It is a classic! One of my favorite things about polka dots if how easily they transition from season to season just by switching up the colors. I have compiled a few polka dot items that I am craving for fall. I am obsessing over the polka dot bag and am dying to don the Dorothy Perkins dress with a pair of tights and ankle boots for the colder fall days. I am so not ready for fall but with these looks, fall is becoming more and more appealing!

Currently Crushing: Dots!

What is your take on polka dots for fall?

- C

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Words of Wisdom


This can be such a difficult thing for me to keep in mind. With the style and intensity of advertising today, it is so easy to covet what we don't have. Better clothes, better hair, more shoes, more jewelry.
Someone else may always have more but we have enough :)
Happy Wednesday!
- C

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

But I'm Not Ready...

I am not ready for fall. Nope, not at all.

Summer is something that I covet. Being from the Pacific Northwest, summer is something of dreams and fantasies. Summer is something we maybe get two months of. I am not ready for it to all be over!

Even as the days become shorter and I can feel the crispness to the air (which leads to me turning my space heater on and drinking cups of hot tea at work) I am determined to squeeze out every last drop of summer.


Who is with me? Are you ready for summer yet?
- C

Friday, August 24, 2012

High Five for Friday!

I don't know about you but I am so ready for this weekend! This week felt so long I am pretty sure it should be Sunday by now. I am also pretty sure that is the post-vacation blues talking.
1. We are making progress on the remodel! Here is a little before and after with the new floors, it feels so good for the work we have been doing to be visible!


2. Brady is out on his annual boys fishing trip this weekend which means I am going to spend the weekend with my mom! I am so excited! I am going to help her pack for her upcoming move. Really, the packing is just an excuse to drink a lot of wine and chat.

3. Seriously though, I think this every time I get on my Facebook.

4. Treating my self to a piece of chocolate cake and a glass bottle of wine while remodeling. I don't know why it took me so long to figure out that wine makes painting tolerable.

5. I stumbled upon this article on Yahoo the other day and can't get over how cute it is. It details the tradition of a lion cub meeting his dad for the first time. So. Cute. I will literally look at any link that mentions baby animals.

 Have a fantastic weekend!

- C

Monday, August 20, 2012

Lusting for Leopard

I am a little behind the trend here and do not own a pair of leopard pumps (yet...). While I have tried on my fair share, I never did find a pair that was subtle enough for the office and fit my budget.

Enter Target, they have hit it out of the park with their fall shoes.

All available at Target for $29.99

Compare to the Classiques Entier Regan pump at Nordstrom for $129.95

Oh Target, they get me every time. You go in for tooth paste and walk out with new shoes.

- C

Friday, August 17, 2012

High Five for Friday!

I am so happy to be back to my normal posting schedule, it has been two weeks since I have participated in High Five for Friday!



1. Fun band aids. You are never too old to cover up a wound with My Little Pony.

2. Being home! Thankfully, stuffing my face with Sweet Tarts and reading a good book made the flight go quickly.

3. I harvested my tomato plant last night and got three perfect little (delicious) tomatoes.

4. Snickers! I missed this girl so much while we were away!

5. Super delicious juice to ease a nasty cold.

Have a fantastic weekend, thank you for reading!

- C

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Austin Adventures: Gourdough's

I am baaaaack! So sorry for going MIA over the last week or so! After Brady and I returned from his birthday trip to Whistler, we immediately jetted off to Austin, Texas to spend a little time with his family. Let me just tell you this: I LOVE AUSTIN. Like I love it so much if someone told me I had to move (or offered me a job in Austin) I would gladly pack my bags and trot off into the sunset.

Brady and I had an absolutely fantastic time in Texas, I was just in awe at the pride everyone in Texas has for their state. I don't think I have ever seen anyone flying a Washington State flag in their yard but nearly every home in Texas that I saw was proudly displaying a Texas flag.

While we had many fantastic adventures in the Lone Star State, one of my favorite stops was at a local donut truck, Gourdough's Specialty Donuts. Let me just say this: I am glad calories don't count on vacation (oh wait...they do...)!

They have a wild menu, I with I could have tried a little bite of each! Brady chose the Black Out, a donut covered in brownie batter, chocolate fudge icing, chocolate covered brownie bites and topped with chocolate syrup. I had the Sara's Joy, a coconut creme filled donut topped with coconut creme, coconut flakes and chocolate syrup.

Yes, they were just as delicious as they sound.

What I really loved about the place is how unique it is. If you are in Austin, I highly recommend stopping by Gourdough's!

Stay tuned for more adventures!

- C

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bon Voyage!

Brady and I are headed to Whistler!

We will spend the next four days doing zip lines, eating fabulous food, taking in the scenery and filling every moment with birthday festivities for the most wonderful 23 year old around.

Stay tuned for detailed accounts of our Canadian adventures!

- C

Current Crush: Scallops

I am linking up with Danielle over at Framed Frosting to share my current crush: Scallops!

Current Crush Thursdays

Not only are scallops a generally fun detail to add to any piece of clothing, they are so dainty and feminine that they add the perfect touch of sophistication to the most simple garments.

I gathered a few of my favorite scalloped items together to show you how universal they can be!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy birthday!

I am taking a little break from my usual Wednesday post to share the only words I have for today:

Happy birthday!


Today is Brady's 23rd birthday!

It is wild to think about how fast time flies, he was just 19 when we met!

We will be celebrating this evening with ice cream cake and (of course) lots of presents!

- C