Monday, December 31, 2012


2013?! I can't even believe it.
While I am perpetually stunned at how fast time goes by, I have still managed to set up a few little goals and one big goal for the new year.
I don't know if I have touched on this much before but prior to moving in with Brady, I was hardly a cook. I have always loved to bake but cooking, not so much.
However, I immediately realized that we needed to be fed and I couldn't get away with making cakes or pies for dinner for very long. With that in mind, I embarked on a new adventure to teach myself how to cook.
With my new found love for cooking (and the most beautiful, freshly remodeled kitchen I could every dream of) I am anxious to stretch my legs a bit more.
My goal is to cook one new and adventurous recipe each week. In order to hold myself accountable, I will be documenting it in blog form.

To find new recipes I will be scouring my collection of cook books, looking to Pinterest and dipping into my massive collection of saved recipes on my email.
My first planned meal? This recipe for Blackened Chicken and Cilantro Lime Quinoa from Sarcastic Cooking (which looks like a fantastic and really funny cooking blog) that I found on Pinterest. I have been wanting to try Quinoa for ages but have never gotten around to it. Here goes nothing!
Stay tuned for cooking adventures! Have any recipes you love? Send them my way!
- Colleen

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  1. Hey!! I can't wait to see what recipes you blog and try them!! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, go to my blog to learn more about it!