Thursday, December 27, 2012

Copy Cat

Hey ladies!
Sorry about that impromptu (and very lengthy) blogging hiatus. I've missed my little blogging venture over the last month or so!
While the holiday madness has not quite settled down at home, I needed to pop in and show you my latest copy-cat discovery.
So you know that J. Crew pave link bracelet that EVERYONE (or at least is seems like everyone) has? I have been coveting it (aka stalking it on and talking myself out of buying it every time there is a sale) for months now and trying to find an adequate substitute.
While I have found a few dead ringers for the J. Crew bracelet, I had yet to find one with a price tag I was okay with.
And then I went Christmas shopping and a Christmas miracle happened; I found my dream bracelet at Coldwater Creek (of all places, I know)!
I went in to pick out a few Christmas gifts for my step mom and found this little gem.

It is $39.95 and currently 50% in store and online. If you have been eyeing the J. Crew bracelet, I can say this is an excellent substitute.
It even looks great on my wrist as I type this...
Go ahead and save $105. Pretty close to the original, huh?

I hope you all had a magnificent Christmas! Stay tuned, I hope to be back in my regular schedule soon!
- C


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